Stress is a real phenomenon of society in "industrialized" countries. Cyracos® brings a traditional and efficient answer against stress and its associated symptoms, like sleep disorders.

In France, one person out of three – partly owing to settlement, usage of the car and environmentally – are familiar with perceived negative stress. Stress is none other than the inability in which a person is faced with bringing on an intense accumulation of tension.

The European community estimates between 3 and 4% of the GDP is the amount owed to these problems. In Europe, stress is responsible for 30% of leaving a job (IWO source). The charge of stress – cost of health, professional instability, accidents – is estimated at 20 billion euro in Europe (source: WHO).
For information only, the professional stress in Switzerland, including medical expenses, wages and loss of production linked to absences for reasons of stress, costs 700 € by wage earner per year (source SECO).

In the United States, the expense of stress is estimated at 200 billion dollars (source: International Labour Organization).
In Quebec, in 15 years, the stress related reasons of absenteeism crossed from 2% to 33%. This stress then generates biological repercussions as well as sociological and economic.

Treatments exist to fight against stress, such as tranquilizers or sleeping drugs. But these medicaments are not without side effects. They can cause dependency in the long term and therefore do not eliminate the cause of stress.
That's why we are more and more turning to natural solutions, and particularly to the use of plants. Among plants most used against nervous disturbances, Lemon balm particularly interested Naturex. Its leaves have been used since Antiquity for their comforting properties.

Many studies have tried to identify the active compounds in lemon balm providing the anti-stress activity. However, scientists have noticed that, when isolated fractions are separated, they tend to lose their activity. These results are a major breakthrough in this field since they underline the importance of preserving the totum of the plant to maintain its synergic activity. It is only recently that rosmarinic acid and triterpenoids have been found to have a positive effect on GABA. There are probably other unidentified molecules in the totum.

Naturex developed Cyracos® an extract of Lemon balm leaves. The technique of the manufacturing process is traditional and respects the totum of the plant.
The composition of an extract can vary in an important way depending on the manufacturing process. Thanks to his know-how in plant extraction, Naturex knew how to improve the particular composition of Cyracos®; the effectiveness against stress was validated by a scientific study.
Naturex therefore guarantees a traditional and active extract.