Cyracos® is a plant extract of Lemon balm leaves, which preserves the qualities of the plant.

The calming activity of Lemon balm leaves are acknowledged by the scientific world today. To find out more on the properties of Lemon balm, click here.

Thanks to its expertise in extraction, Naturex developed Cyracos®, a whole extract of Lemon balm leaves. Indeed, Cyracos® is manufactured via a traditional process, developed with the intention of preserving all the plant’s identity in the extract in comparison with the raw material. Naturex therefore guarantees the effectiveness of the extract.

Naturex preserves the natural benefits of Lemon balm in order to guarantee both, a perfect traceability, and a quality extract.

To guarantee a constant quality, Cyracos® contains the following molecules:

-  Hydroxycinnamic acids,
- A particular hydroxycinnamic acid – rosmarinic acid – known in the scientifical world for its health benefits.