The Anti-stress activity of Cyracos was demonstrated in a clinical study carried out on 20 people.

Our way of life, has become more and more stressful due to social and economic circumstances, which can result in a number of problems which are referred to under the generic term of "stress". To find out more on stress, click here.

A clinical study carried out on 20 people, between the ages of 18 and 70, scientifically showed the Anti-stress Action of Cyracos. A group of volunteers demonstrating symptoms of anxiety and suffering from sleep disturbances were observed. The group was supplemented with 300 mg of Cyracos twice daily. To rapidly validate the effects of the extract, subjects were supplemented for only 15 successive days at a high dosage.

After 2 weeks of supplementation, the following was noted in the group consuming Cyracos (see figure):

- a reduction of 18 percentage points in the signs of anxiety;

- a reduction of 15 percentage points of stress associated symptoms;

- a reduction of 42 percentage points of initial insomnia.

We should note that nearly all subjects had a reduction in stress and/or insomnia and that Cyracos helps them to be close to a level of no stress and no insomnia.

Therefore a significant reduction of the signs of anxiety was noted in those supplemented with Cyracos, compared to the placebo group. The study showed that the supplementation of Cyracos gave no side effects.