The efficacy of Cyracos has been validated in a clinical study carried out on 20 volunteers.

1/ Scientific Literature and effectiveness of lemon balm against stress

The calming and anti-stress effects of lemon balm extract are acknowledged by the scientific world today.

Several studies performed on animals showed that lemon balm extract is able to reduce the restless state of the animals in a significant way. The results of these studies also recorded a significant reduction of the falling asleep phase, when the animals were subjected to a very weak dose of sleeping drugs.

Other studies have been carried out on humans and the results corroborate those results found in the animal studies.

Further results record the following, after a supplementation of 600mg per day of lemon balm extract:
      - a significant increase of calm in the individual;
      - a significant reduction in the state of anxiety.
None of these studies reported any side effects regarding the supplementation of lemon balm extract.

2/ Efficacy of Cyracos

A clinical study carried out on 20 people scientifically showed the Antistress Action of Cyracos: 20 parameters were measured to assess the state of general stress. 

A significant reduction of the signs of anxiety is recorded on those supplemented. Moreover, Cyracos is able to reduce in a significant manner symptoms linked to stress such as:
     - weight problems,
     - asthenia,
     - muscular contractions,
     - mental confusion,
     - guilt feelings or inferiority feelings,
     - psychosomatic disturbances.

The figure below illustrates the evolution of the various parameters studied after 15 days of supplementation.

Regarding demonstrations of anxiety, as for associated symptoms and insomnia, no significant change was noticed in the placebo group.
Finally, this study showed that supplementation in Cyracos gave no side effects; also no drowsiness was noticed in the supplemented individual's.

Cyracos significantly reduces the state of stress and associated symptoms without showing any side effects.