The traditional history

Thanks to a rigorous selection of the aerial parts of Lemon balm (leaves), an expertise in natural extraction and an unparalleled quality and analytical controls in all the stages of manufacturing process, Naturex guarantees a particular composition of Cyracos thus preserving the totum of the selected plant.

Lemon balm is an aromatic plant that has been known forever.

Traditionally used since the Middle Ages, notably in the form of liquor and often in association with other plants, Lemon balm is appreciated in European cooking as flavouring for salads, in marinades or in desserts and drinks. Lemon balm is a condiment bringing freshness with a touch of lemon.

Appreciated for its tasting qualities, lemon balm is traditionally acknowledged as a condiment with beneficial effects on our health. The aerial parts of Lemon balm are part of the universal pharmacopoeia and have been used since Antiquity in Greek and Islamic medicines against nervous disorders.

Generally, lemon balm is used in traditional medicine against:
     - anxiety, nervousness and hysteria;
     - splitting headaches;
     - gastric disorders.

Further to this usage in traditional medicine, scientific literature discovers more and more information on the various health properties of lemon balm. To find out more on the properties of lemon balm, click here.